Monday, 9 May 2011

Rick Copsey

"Within the study of the history of painting, the photographic detail is a device used to reveal the hidden, such as technique, gesture or the genius hand of the artist. The ‘seascape’ macro photographs reference this search but with a more ‘forensic’ approach, a documenting and mapping of the material fact of paint, rather than a search for ‘artistic truth’. The source paintings are fictions, produced to be digitally photographed. Paradoxically, this method has resulted in imagery that also references the aesthetic of romantic seascape painting, a (re)discovery of my painting traditions."


I am astounded by Rick Copsey's work.
He teaches at Machester School of Art and I would be fascinated to find out how on earth he creates such fascinating works.


  1. Hi Sophie – Just came aross your blog - I use a macro lens and photos are of brushstrokes about 3mm across - it’s about getting the light right (best with direct light) and taking photos while paint is still wet with lots of turps. It has taken about 7000 photos to get 10 that I am happy with – a lot of trial and error and a lot of work. Hope your degree show goes well. Rick Copsey

  2. Hi Rick, thank you for your response and the enlightenment! Thank you for the good luck regardig the deree show, little sleep and a manic time but a fantastic relief that it all came together. Sophe Elliott.