Monday, 9 May 2011

More Collagrraph

Eunice Kim, Tessellation (4-3") #4




Eunice Kim, Porous #8

collagraph with chine collé

5"x14" (image), 11.5"x20" (paper)


Eunice Kim, Porous #33

collagraph with chine collé

3.75"x3.75" (image), 7"x7" (paper)


Eunice Kim, Porous #32

collagraph with chine collé

3.75"x3.75" (image), 7"x7" (paper)



Artist Statement
My work is a study in patterns and relationships. I am fascinated by how individual entities come together, coalesce, and coexist. Of special interest to me are points of tension, transition, and reprieve.

Small, repetitive dot marks are the building blocks of my imagery. This approach to work is informed by memories and tendencies both cultural and personal, as well as objects and rituals of everyday life, particularly those of my childhood in Korea.

Tactile, direct, and process oriented nature of the medium of collagraph further satisfies my pull toward ritualistic approach to work.

-- Eunice Kim

Jo Horswill, WRAP

"My inspiration for "WRAP" was this image I took of the forest at the end of my road! We had a planned burn off, earlier this year, to keep the forest floor down.
The forest scape is still quite beautifully haunting, charred neutral tones,with new growth peeping through...On this day, a soft mist draped through the trees...I was captured."

Brenda Hartill

Catherine Headley, Callanish Night
Collagraph 48 x 48cm

"I am inspired by certain landscapes: West Penwith in Cornwall, the West Coast of Ireland,the Isles of Ske and Lewis; ancient uncultivated lands, their colours and atmospheres and their traces of past civilisations. Calligraphic detail is part of my work as I love to draw with paint brush or etching tool. Imagery comes from a personal visual language developed over the years; from standing stones, Latin inscriptions carved in granite, Egyptian picture-script and symbols of religious and tribal art. The hardest thing to do is to work with the freedom of expression seen in a child's painting: that's my challenge. I tutor art classes in Stamford and for Leicester Print Workshop of which I am a member. I have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Bath Academy. My work is regularly exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition"
Catherine Headley

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