Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Degree Show Wall

So today has been a rather long day, I have been grappling with my space for 11 hours, and am now finally allocated a space. Unfortunately the wall was in a shocking condition but I have sanded and poly filled to my hearts delight and as much as my body can handle!

It took a while but I have finally chosen the colour that is appropriate for my work.

I mixed it myself and chose to go for a very light bluey grey. Against the charcoal name vinyls and the dark grey floor it should look very "sharp" as such, and clean. It is essential that my work doesn't get hung on a white wall as it will kill the delicate intricacies. I have chosen to display my brand new and most current work, my collagraphs.

I have spent today helping other people with their spaces whilst waiting for tutors finalising spaces. Managed to only get an hour and a half in print because it was only open for that long, but roll on tomorrow for the 10 - 5 access! Images to follow soon...

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