Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Interesting Article on Cezanne

Cut Outs Series

This series is the beginning of communicating physical depth.

The cut outs originate from my drawings and I am beginning to contour the drawings themselves.

I do not see them as two dimensional, and will be working with projection and shadow work as well as layering to illustrate the physicality of the landscape.

The landscape beyond the surface.
The geology.
The history.

Tumult Series


The highest rate of erosion in Europe is on the East Coast at Mappleton.
The difference the sea flood defences made shocked me, and the cliffs were falling in to the sea as I stood there. The rate at which this was happening was unlike anything I have experienced before and inspired this series of work.

Soaking paper in buckets of water, using rotting paints, thick mud-like consistencies in some cases too.

Filey Series 2011

As artist in residence I am running a landscape module with the third years.
Part that, obviously, must involve them visiting a landscape, so Filey was chosen.

The images below and some of the work I have made in response to visiting Filey.
It is a landscape very much different to South Wales and am fascinated by the differences.

Flamborough Series 2011

Below are a few images of the new series of work.
They were inspired by a field trip to Flamborough, on the Yorkshire coastline.

I have begun introducing far more colour, though a monochromatic series runs parallel to all other drawings.

New Website

Hallelujah for faster internet speed!
My blogging has been atrocious over the past few months as I have had no way of updating my work... so here goes.

Firstly here is the new website - it is still in progress but I guess it always will be!