Sunday, 29 May 2011

Douglas A. Kinsey

The Reality of Somewhere Else 3 - Drawing Charcoal, 2009

The Pushback 7 - Drawing Charcoal, 2009

The Borderline Revisited 8 - Drawing Charcoal, 2009

Pushback 18 - Drawing Charcoal, 2009

Jacobs Ladder 2 - Drawing Charcoal, 2007


'When looking at my work the viewer should consider them as configurations of spiritual geography. In this manner I refer to them as, “Interior/Exterior Landscapes.

The primary blue or black shape will refer to geological forms found in the geographical landscape. As such they mark and delineate borders much like a rock cairn would. This marking indicates a place of spiritual solace and a point of reflection. Their intention is to make deep soul contact.

My intention is to explore the subconscious symbols of an “interior” spiritual reality when consecrated by the borders of “external” physical reality.'
Douglas A. Kinsey

I find the use of edges and crack communicate landscape to me.
They are clearly abstract works yet how can they embody an environment such as the landscape that is so often captured in a literal and idealistic manner?

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