Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Arts in Action

So today I went to Clase Primary School for the induction. It was a school buzzing with energetic teachers who were very excited about engaging with the project I have written.

The class I am with is a year 6 group and three special needs children, as the school as special needs units for things such as autism. I am very lucky that the class group will be a maximum of 20 children. Another bonus is that the children are currently working with water as a class theme so I am going to plan the lesson around this and when they go to the beach it can put in to context what they have learnt. Also, a very exciting thing for me, is that the next project the teacher will be doing with them is erosion. I am excited because this is a specific interest of mine so I am going to introduce them to types of erosions and geological features at the beach.

The class teacher seemed really enthrawled and it has made me work harder again as I want to create resources worthy of arts projects next year as a workshop leader.

Also Friday I am doing a school based arts project with Catrin Webster, a fantastic artist and teacher who works in the landscape. I aim to absorb as much information and tips from her to help guide me through the next few months, especially whilst I am doing the lesson plans for next year's job.

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