Monday, 16 May 2011

Print Research

Okay, so today has been a really long day in the print room.
I have checked all three collagraphs after 3 coats of button polish on two of them and 4 coats of polish on the last plate.
The main problem I have had is the drying times between the polish layers and today the plates were slightly tacky in plces, however, proof prints have sorted that out.

Today has consisted of experimenting with the pressures on the large press for each of the plates. I found that the weight distribution needed wasn't going to occur with just the blankets. So I used a large foam sponge, which increased the pressure on the whole surface area. If there are places that are not having enough pressure still, though, I can add layers of paper on top or underneath that specific area. This could proved to be an interesting adventure!

The paper I have been using today is Fabriano, which is an okay quality and is heavy enough to allow for deep embossing. I have managed to make two decent blind embossed prints of all the three plates, however, tomorrow I am going to blind proof each plate once with no border, as this is what I am going to do with the inked up verisions.

The pressure is 1.1 with a piece of cartridge paper beneath and on top of the plate and Fabriano with the large 2 inch thick sponge.

Tomorrow I will also begin inking up :)

In the meantime I have been looking for print inspiration and also taken 4 books out of the library:

Antoni Tapies "Calligraphique" 1987

Pamela Smith Hudson "Drift 5"
Collagraph 10 x 10.5 inches

Martha Oatway "Quiet Waters Triptych"
Monoprint 11 x 7.5 inches

Janet Yagoda Shagam "Storm"
Mezzotint Spit Bite Relief 11 x 4 inches

Joan Krash

Joan Krash "Down to Earth"
Monoprint Solarplate 7 x 5 inches

Jenny Freestone “Ship of Fools II”
Drypoint 22 × 14 inches

Janet Yagoda Shagam “Monoliths”
Intaglio soft ground 5.75 × 12 inches

Lee Newman “Overgrown Trees II”
Drypoint Etching 7 × 5 inches

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