Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Large Monoprints

Monoprint #1

Monoprint #2

I created these two monprints with different intentions.

Monoprint #2 is an experimentation in layers and drying times of ink compared with adding turps and adding oil. The most successful mark is in the top right hand corner, though this piece greatly informed me. Many of the marks in this piece are only achievable using mark resist instead of metal or glass.

Monoprint #2 however, was less experimentation and more a piece derived from within. I was inspired by a stormy day at the coast, the power and excitement derived from the weather. With this piece I energetically repeated motions, inspired by the memories of the location, the salt on your skin, the blistering cold whipping across your face in the wind and the spray setting on top. All in waves of repetition. I have been experimenting with paper, and #1 was printed using blotting paper, which meant it picks up every mark but is far less refined, which suits the stimulus.

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