Monday, 9 May 2011

Collagraph Research

Paul Cloutier, Breath
Collagraph 21cm x 25.5cm

Paul Cloutier, Bestiaire
Collagraph 21 cm x 25.5cm

Pam Allen, Flying
Collagraph 11cm x 11cm

Val Jones, Troika 3

Val Jones, Landscape

Val Jones, Red Paths
Monotype 25cm x 30cm

"The prints: collagraphs, etchings and monotypes, indicate my interest in two main areas: the surrounding landscape as well as more symbolic imagery which examines the relationship between mind, body and spirit; between art, science, religion and myth. Birds are a recurring image.

The monotypes are based on local walks and exploit this fluid medium. Using ink rollers, sponges and a variety of tools physical and temporal journeys are recorded in marks and in lines expressing contours, watery surfaces and tangled tree forms.

I take pleasure in combining a mixture of printmaking techniques on one print; monotype with an etching plate, etching plates together with collagraphs using a limited palette of greys, blues and browns and an occasional splash of red."

Val Jones

Sarah Amos, Lute
Collagraph 2009

“(Flux) – where a total electric or magnetic field passes through a surface.

My work is a fusion of both land and cityscape. I am interested in interpreting spatially dynamic, real and half forgotten landscapes through an urban lens. New to this body of work is my interest in the visual graphics of scientific diagrams in which dynamic and informative landscapes are drafted into linear minimal lines. I have absorbed this distilled language, translating it into an architectural and organic landscape where the intersections of line, volume and space are constantly in flux. This obscure knowledge is pared down, simplified and ordered into a clean analysis ready for instant translation.

The Australian landscape is central to my work and influences my use of color, idiosyncratic marks and open space. These works are personalized maps of accumulated information, like printed histories, that record the dueling intersections where the weathers of the landscape and the urban temperature have begun to take on new and vital immediacy.”

Sarah Amos, 2009

Sarah Amos, Intersections 8
Collagraph with gouache 2009

Emet Gowin, Harvest Traffic Over Agricultural Pivot Near Hermiston, Orgeon, 1991

Kath Frajbis, Terraced Landscape I - II
Collagraph 39.5 cm x 28cm

Pam Allen, Fault Line
Collagraph and paper materials 42cm x 29cm

Pam Allen, Frost Weathering
Collagraph and paper materials 42cm x 3cm

Pam Allen, Permafrost
Collagraph and linocut 47cm x 33cm

Anna Warsop, Meanders
Collagraph, Height 27.5cm, Width 60cm

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