Friday, 15 April 2011

The World of Collagraph

Stream I, etching, paper 28x20cm

Brenda Hartill

This women's work is sumptuous and so inspiring!
I took her book out of the library today and I am engrossed already; Printmaking Handbook: Collagraphs and Mised-media Printmaking. I would recommend it to anyone with interest in painterly printmaking, collagraphs, geologcial based artworks or someone who love print!

Today I have been taught how to make collagraphs and a whole new world has been opened up to me! I am so excited and utterly gutted that uni is now closed until Tuesday 26th and then I am away two days... then bank holidays... then Brecon! Gosh time is going to fly but inbetween that and setting up my degree show I am going to be living in print :D

Hopefully I can get some blind prints done because the discreet nature really appeals to my way of approaching and looking at the world.

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