Sunday, 17 April 2011


Aprox. 3 x 5 inch

Even though I am interested in the strata and layers in rocks and am attracted to cracks and linear aspects on location, I wonder if the experimentation with this interest looks too "cold".

The image is obviously not geometric to the extent of exact straight lines, but there is a strong geometric aspect to the piece. I can understand and associate to the piece with reference to the way I see the landscape, however, I can never avoid the viewer. Is the viewer integral to the success of art? Or should the artist create work as pure and self-involved as possible? Who is the work made for? I know that when I am creating all my work I am concentrating on the ink or the paper or actions, not "if I do this what does this imply to the viewer". Because if I did that I would never make any work. Every person is different, aren't they, so every opinion and reading of work will be too. I cannot control the viewer but I do hope that I can connect with a few, for if I connected with everyone I think that would be impossible and be a compromised work.

Sophie Elliott Untitled (Mewslade Bay) 2010

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