Friday, 15 April 2011

It's All About The Alluvials...

Ok so I am obssessed with geology and geological structures but I am most fascinated by alluvial fans, and above is an example of one on a large scale. For me they communicate movement and an active erosion. They illustrate time actively passing in nature and can be overlooked so often yet they are everywhere! The beach is my favourite place to look for them. Below is a diagram illustrating how these structures are formed according to the grain size of sediment:

I adore scientific drawings.
I often discreetly incorporate them into my drawings and prints by outlining the strcutures created by the materials I am drawing with.
The drawings also inform exactlty what is going on and this scientific concept compared to the expressive, feeling endused more emotive art work is a fabulously strange juxtaposition.

Aprox. 2 x 3 inches

My piece of work above was made on Wednesday and inspired by alluvial fans.

The reason they intrigue me so is because of scale.
As above the scale can be beyond human sight and comprehension yet alluvial fans can be a few inches if not less too. The idea of macrocosm microcosm and how the minute informs or illustrates or encapsulates the cosmic is a beautiful element of nature.

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