Thursday, 15 September 2011

Susan Stockwell

Made from used coffee machine filters.
Made from rubber derived from Africa.

Made from computer components - recycled. The simple use of line is very appealing.

A Stitched blanket.

The project involved Susan worked with people from Lambeth Recycling Department, local volunteers and artists and together they made a quilt from discarded materials. The exhibition also contains a quilt she made about Florence’s life and travels using old £10 notes with pictures of Florence on them as the centre piece, a quilt made by inmates from Wandsworth Prison about Florence and the Crimea and a quilt lent by a private collector, made from Florence Nightingale Nurses uniforms.

She is a contemporary British artist. Her work addresses themes of technology, ecology, politics, identity and migration using her trademark motifs of recycled computer components and other everyday materials.

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