Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Stephanie Tuckwell

"My work is a response to movement through the landscape. It may be glimpses from a train, a view from a mountain top or being airborne in a glider. I seek to arrive at an image that is a distillation of the experience of being present in the world at a particular moment. Through a shifting focus and observations of the landscape, I interpret the land, air and spaces in between. I want to evoke and atomosphere of contemplation and guide the onlooker to breathe the air and find his or her own resting place before moving on.

For me drawing and painting is an activity analogous to music. I orchestrate fluid, sensory explorations of materials, graphite, charcoal, ink and gesso with the more static graphic language of sogn and symbol. Using veils of paint, I create grounds and forms over which arrangements of marks dance across the surface and give a sense of time unfolding."

Stephanie Tuckwell

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