Monday, 19 September 2011

David Hepher

Study for Wansworth Road Estate IV 2006
Camberwell Flats by Night 1983

Breughel's Tower (Diptych) 2004

"David Hepher's large-scale paintings, using concrete and photographic vinyl along with more conventional acrylic, convey the grids, textures and graffiti of a high-rise housing estate with great immediacy. Based on the Brandon Estate in the Borough of Southwark, they are at Flowers East, 199-205 Richmond Road, London E8."

"he has always painted buildings, David Hepher thinks of himself as a landscape artist. It just happens that buildings comprise most of the landscape he paints. He has a particular fondness for the better tower blocks of the 1960s, even when they are weathered with graffiti; and he singles out a group on the Wyndham Comber Estate near Camberwell Green in South London, 'built like a pile of bricks ... very chunky and squarish, a happy mix of brick and concrete'."

At university I attended a lecture and private tutorial by David Hepher and found him fascinating. His direct use of concrete on the canvas was inpsiring as it refers directly to the building material he is predominantly depicting. The multifareous layers engage the viewer along with the oscilation between expressive texture and graffiti and the precise, almost photographic, painting.

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